ORDER Tues + Wed / PICK UP Fri 3-7pm or Sat 8:30am-1pm.
ORDER Tues + Wed / PICK UP Fri 3-7pm or Sat 8:30am-1pm.
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How It Works

Welcome to the new era of local food shopping! 

This is what we offer: 

Fresh, organic vegetables grown by us here at Orchard Hill, ordered and paid for online, picked up on the farm Fridays 3-7pm or Saturday at the Covent Garden Outdoor Farmer's Market 8:30-1pm

We update the store on Tuesday morning, and orders close on Wednesday evening. We pick and wash and pack the vegetables Thursday and Friday. 

Minimum order is $10.

Where does your food come from?  

Orchard Hill Farm, a farm with clay and sandy loam soil, on Fruit Ridge Line, just south of St Thomas, close to Sparta, Ontario, Canada. 

Is it organic?  

We have been committed to organic practices since 1983. We were certified for a number of years and follow the organic certification guidelines but we are not currently certified. We grow our own nursery stock and make our own potting soil. We strive for a healthy ecosystem and resiliency in our soils. We use cover crops and rotations to help build the soil. 


How do I know what you'll have? 

We send out a newsletter each week, featuring what new things we have this week, and sometimes a teaser of what's to come! Join the newsletter to make sure that you get this reminder each week. 

How do I order? 

The webstore will be updated with the week's available produce on Tuesdays by 8am, and all orders have to be in by Wednesday at 7pm. Add items to your cart, pay with credit, ETF or PayPal, and select your pick up time & place. 


Why won't it let me change the amount I want to buy? Once you change the quantity, you have to click the update button -  it's a little hidden in the corner of the page. 

Why are you sold out of everything? The store is updated on Tuesday morning by 8am, and then 'closed' on Wednesday. The way we do that is to reduce all the quantities to 0. There will be more next week! 

Why is there so much shipping as part of the checkout process? We don't ship!! But we use a shipping app to schedule the pick up locations and times (socially distancing customers), and so you'll get a hint of that.